Daniil Kvyat in Monte Carlo


May 22, 2017

Think of Monaco and you immediately think of a place that is incredibly, glamorous, elegant and romantic. But if you mention it to a Formula 1 driver, the descriptive adjectives are very different: narrow, demanding and tough. This weekend, between the barriers and over the manhole covers, Formula 1 tackles one of the most challenging rounds of the World Championship.

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The Monaco Grand Prix is something of a second home race for Daniil Kvyat, as our Russian driver lives in Monte Carlo, not far from the track, which he knows perfectly, as do all those drivers who have chosen to set up home in the Principality. In this 360 video, Daniil does a lap of the narrow Monegasque circuit, revealing the secrets of its 19 corners.

This is the shortest race on the F1 calendar, but also one of the most demanding. Drivers tackle 78 laps of the circuit, which adds up to 260 kilometres, whereas the usual distance is nearer to 300 in other rounds of the championship. The slippery and bumpy track surface means that grip is at a premium and, to compensate, the cars run with the maximum aerodynamic downforce, while Pirelli is bringing its three softest compounds. The biggest challenge facing the drivers is maintaining concentration, because the slightest slip-up can end in retirement. For a driver, Monaco is first and foremost a race against oneself, rather than a battle with the other drivers on track.