April 3, 2017

After the opening round in Melbourne, it's time to head for Shanghai and the track that Hermann Tilke designed, taking the inspiration for some of it from the Chinese character "Shang," which means "above". Daniil Kvyat tackles a lap ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix.

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The race has been held here since 2004 and the track has seen several special moments in F1, from Michael Schumacher's last win in 2006 to Nico Rosberg's first in 2012. Measuring 5.451 kilometres in length, the layout of the Shanghai International Circuit is made up of 16 corners, 10 to the right, 6 to the left and the drivers reckon it's pretty demanding. Apart from the high speed turns, where this new generation of cars will show what they can do in terms of grip and speed, there are also two long straights which means one has to find the right compromise between top speed and aero downforce.

Pirelli is bringing the Red Supersoft, Yellow Soft and White Medium compounds to this event. It's a combination that should work well, standing up to the stresses imposed on the tyres in the fast corners, such as turns 1 and 13, the tricky right hand parabolica which leads onto a long straight. Daniil says that it's so long that there's time to "relax, have a coffee and call the girlfriend." Ready to try out the track?