June 6, 2017

This weekend we head for Montreal and the Canadian Grand Prix. The seventh round of the F1 World Championship takes place on the unusual circuit named in memory of the unforgettable Gilles Villeneuve. Ready for a virtual lap of the track with our driver Carlos Sainz? Lets go!

(For the best possible 360 experience, if you're using a computer then you must use Chrome as your browser, or on a mobile with the You Tube App installed, go to our homepage and rotate your device horizontally)

The Montreal circuit layout makes use of the perimeter roads on the manmade Ile Notre Dame, on the estuary of the Saint Lawrence river. It's quite a special venue, unique in many ways, given that it combines high speeds with some of the characteristics of a street circuit as well as some from more normal tracks. While there are no really quick corners, drivers have to be careful when it comes to managing their tyres, because they come under stress during the many periods of acceleration and braking. Indeed, this is pretty much the only topic on what is considered a stop and go circuit. Those who best manage the art of exiting the corners without spinning up their wheels are at an advantage, keeping their tyres in shape and working efficiently at the rear. For this event, Sainz and Kvyat will each have 2 sets of Yellow Soft tyres, 3 of Red Supersoft and no less than 8 of the Purple Ultrasoft.

The main difficulty at this track is getting the balance right between the correct level of downforce, as one runs with very little here, and stability under braking. The better balanced the car going into the corners, the less likely is the driver to kiss the guardrails, which are very close to the track limits here. It should be pointed out however that, this year, the FIA has requested modifications to the trackside barriers to further improve safety. Therefore, even the famous Wall of Champions has been revised: its angle has been changed so that the wall is no longer perpendicular to the right left chicane which in the past has caught out even the greatest champions, hence its name!