August 31, 2017

Everyone dreams of driving a Formula 1 car, to see what it feels like, but very few actually get to do so. However, over the Monza weekend, you can get pretty close to the real thing. How? By sliding into the cockpit of a virtual STR12 and experiencing the adrenalin rush of driving a Formula 1 car through the medium of virtual reality.


During the annual Red Bull party held at Milan over the Italian Grand Prix week, along with our friends from Red Bull Italy, we unveiled the Toro Rosso Virtual Reality, designed by Digital Lighthouse, which enables users to experience a Formula 1 car through high-fidelity VR technology. Thanks to a laser scanner that scans the bodywork to the nearest millimetres and motion capture technology from a real pit stop carried out by our mechanics, the Oculus visor can take you from our factory in Faenza to the snow capped mountains of Kitzbuhel, to the Jordanian desert and the heliport on the top of the "sail" building in Dubai.

It will be available for you to try for the very first time over four specific slots: today from 7pm to midnight at the Hotel VIU in Milan, then Friday 1st September at La Gare di Milano, from 6pm to 2 in the morning; Saturday 2nd September at the Sain Georges Premier di Monza from 6pm to 2am and finally, Sunday 3rd September at the Hollywood di Milano from 11pm to 3 in the morning. If you're not in the Monza area this weekend, don't panic because you can just wait until 2018, when the Toro Rosso Virtual Reality will be doing the rounds of Italy's biggest gaming shows.

Virtual Reality is not the only Racing Week activity involving Red Bull Italy. Yesterday, our drivers, Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat, kicked off a programme called Fit&Fly. This initiative, promoted by Red Bull Italy in partnership with Virgin Active, will now involve even more Red Bull athletes who will train with the club members, sharing the secrets of the physical preparation. The Scuderia Toro Rosso pair tackled the first training session at the Virgin Active Milano Cavour club where, they sweated it out along with a group of club members and journalists. However, as from tomorrow all our drivers' focus switches to the race track as the Italian Grand Prix weekend really gets underway.