September 26, 2017

What do our drivers think of when it comes to Malaysia and Japan?

Carlos Sainz about Malaysia
"I'm still buzzing from our P4 finish in Singapore last time out and it will give me a big BOOST in Malaysia, for sure! It was an amazing feeling to achieve my best F1 result up until now with the team, we worked very hard and we definitely deserved it! I've seen many videos on social media this past week reminding me about it and my favourite is the one where I cross the line and celebrate it over the radio with my race engineer... BOOMSHAKALAKA! And now I'm ready for Malaysia. I have good memories, especially of the 2015 race weekend as I performed my first comeback in F1 – I started from P15 and finished P8... The weather conditions in Sepang are always special. The rain showers are always close and it's not strange for the sun to be out one minute and then, all of a sudden, it starts to pour down with RAIN, especially in the afternoons! Having said that, it's never rained for me yet when racing there, maybe I will experience it this year?!"

Carlos Sainz about Japan
"Before racing in F1 I had never travelled to Japan. After my first race there in 2015, this race weekend has become one of my FAVOURITE! The reasons are many: I enjoy the track layout, the FANS are absolutely amazing, passionate and very polite and the Japanese culture is just so different and attractive. The presents I get from Japanese fans are probably the most special ones I receive throughout the whole year. You can see they really think of ways to surprise you... I always receive a Spanish flag signed by the fans and they also wish me luck in a sort of Japa-Spanish language! They always tell me to push a lot and to go 'BANZAI', which is something I like to see, it motivates me! Other presents I always receive there are typical Japanese food and chocolates. Sushi is one of my favorite things to eat. Luckily, nowadays you can eat it nearly everywhere, but I have to say that the sushi you find in Japan is the best. There are a couple of sushi bars close to the circuit that I always go to, but something else I really like to eat when in Suzuka is KOBE BEEF – it has such a lovely flavor and just melts in your mouth, it's amazing!"

Pierre Gasly about Malaysia
"I am not worried, I am excited about making my DEBUT in Sepang this weekend. I have worked hard to prepare for this and to get to F1. I am very HAPPY to have this opportunity. I know it will be different to anything I've done before and the other drivers have been racing all season, so I will have a lot of things to get used to and LEARN about. It's a super challenge and I can't wait for it to start. I have raced in Sepang. It was last year, when I took pole position for the GP2 race, so clearly it's a track I like. It is very tough with the high level of humidity but I am well prepared physically."

Pierre Gasly about Japan
"As I am racing in Japan this year, I first came to Suzuka this winter, for some Super Formula series testing. It wasn't much, just two half days. Then I had the first round of the season here. It's a really impressive circuit, with some incredible high speed parts and the fantastic first sector. It is now one of my FAVOURITE tracks, even though it also has a sad place in my heart because of what happened to JULES (Bianchi) in 2014. I have enjoyed my time in Japan. In fact, I find myself liking it more and more, especially because of their CULTURE and the way the people are, so polite and how they treat one another. It's nice and yet so different to anything I have experienced before. I have enjoyed discovering it and now I look forward to my F1 race weekend there."