August 2, 2017

Last day of F1 testing here in Hungary. Read our drivers and team's final comments:

Hungaroring Circuit, Budapest; 4.381 km
Car: STR12-03

Total laps completed (2 days): 223
Total kilometres completed (2 days): 977 km

Laps completed by SG (Day 1): 101
Kilometres completed by SG: 442 km

Laps completed by CS (Day 2): 68
Kilometres completed by CS: 298 km

Laps completed by DK (Day 2): 54
Kilometres completed by DK: 237 km

Total 2017 car test kilometres completed (T01+T02+T03+T04): 4816 km

Driver (am): Carlos Sainz
Laps: 68
Best time: 1:18.850

Carlos Sainz (Car 55):

"A very productive half a day of testing here in Budapest this morning. It was good to have a trouble-free session and run through the test programme smoothly. We were able to try a few new parts we had brought here – mainly all mechanical updates - in order to get ready for the second half of the season and I think we've found a good direction to follow. I was able to keep on learning and I can see the team pushing hard to bring in parts after the summer, which is always a good sign. But, before that, it's time for everyone to go on a well-deserved break, charge batteries, and come back stronger – that's what I will be doing! My holiday will be all about spending time with friends and family, as well as relaxing but, at the same time, making sure I keep fit for the next races that are just around the corner!"

Driver (pm): Daniil Kvyat
Laps: 54
Best time: 1:19.116

Daniil Kvyat (Car 26):

"It was a good afternoon of testing. We tried quite a few things and learned a lot – we will now have to develop these new learnings and hopefully it will serve us well in the future. It's always nice to test after a race weekend to find some new answers to things we were not able to try in Free Practice or Qualifying, for example. Now we go for a deserved holiday to recharge batteries and try again in the second half of the season."

Jody Egginton (Head of Vehicle Performance):

"Another useful day. Having both Daniil and Carlos in the car today has provided a good opportunity to have a further two points of reference for a number of performance items which tested well on Day 1 with Sean Gelael. He provided useful data, excellent technical feedback and did an impressive job yesterday. With further positive results from these items today, we will now conduct further analysis at the factory, targeting introduction of these parts into race weekends as soon as possible - there are definitely some useful performance gains to be had. In addition to these good results, we have also worked on a number of background items related to specific upcoming events in order to have as much homework as possible completed and give ourselves more time to focus on performance at these events. Another opportunity we had with our race drivers in the car today was being able to work on a number of car-balance limitations we noted during the GP weekend. In this respect we have collected a lot of useful data and made some improvements which we feel will be useful in the second half of the season. With regards to trackside operations, the mechanics have worked very hard during this test straight off the back of a busy race weekend, allowing the engineers to complete quite busy test programs here. I'd also like to thank the rest of the team, both here and at the factory, for all their support in order to achieve our testing goals here in Budapest. We now have a lot of data to go through both here and at the factory either side of the shutdown in order to carry as much momentum as possible into the next events. With a very close battle in the midfield, we are optimistic that some of what we have learnt here will be very useful as part of the ongoing development of the STR12 in the second half of the season. We look forward to the upcoming events after a well-deserved break!"