February 10, 2017

Even if the lights haven't gone green yet, Formula 1 never really stops. The Christmas holidays are but a distant memory, as are the new year festivities and since then, everyone here has been hard at work, feeling more motivated than ever. We are all pushing to the maximum to ensure the team and the new car are ready for the start of winter testing.

The time is simply flying by and, to be honest, even if there were 36 hours in the day it would not be long enough. After a short break over the winter, Carlos and Daniil have put a lot of effort into their physical training, even curtailing their holiday time. They have both been in Faenza to sort out their seats, as well as having meetings with their engineers to go through everything that is new for this season. Of course, they also took the opportunity to take a closer look at their 2017 rocket, the STR12.

It's a case of full steam ahead when it comes to work on the new car and just a couple of days ago, you might have heard a preview of the sound of the new engine. What will the new car be like? You will have to keep wondering until the day before winter testing, when Carlos and Daniil will pull the covers off the STR12 in the pit lane at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit on Sunday 26th February at 16h30 (CET).

To be honest, Daniil almost managed to give the game away regarding the new car, but luckily we managed to stop him just in time! We definitely don't want to ruin the surprise...