Toro Rosso Red Bull Shop 2018


April 30, 2018

Your love of Formula 1 doesn't need to end when the race weekend does: the blue and red that feature on our STR13 car can be with you all year long if you pick up some items from our 2018 Collection.

Click across to the Red Bull Shop and put on something that captures the enthusiasm and energy of our team. And if you want to feel part of Scuderia Toro Rosso, it couldn't be easier. Everything is available at the Red Bull Shop, from clothing to accessories. There is something for all tastes and you can choose from the Official Team Line, the Fan Collection or the Driver Collection. Fleeces, t-shirts, polo shirts, rain jackets, phone covers, caps, backpacks, key rings. On top of that we have the exclusive Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley lines and if you are a big fan of theirs, then you really can't miss out on this opportunity. Just click on the banner below and that's it, you're shopping!